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Tim, we use Lectora Inspire and 18, we are always on the latest version, but sometimes wait a few weeks to upgrade. We have been publishing these courses for Jill for several years, with no problems reporting the Completion status back to the SABA LMS. The problem has only been reported since v18.

The client does not want Pass or Fail or test scores passed to their LMS, only a completion status (not based on a test score) that triggers when the user passes the test by hitting the Pass Page (if failed they hit the Fail Page and no completion status is sent). The action on the Pass Page is to modify the variable AICC_Lesson_Status set equal to “completed” with no conditions.

So we don’t understand what would be triggering a fail status to their LMS. (Note that the Maximum Score is set to 100 and the Mastery Score is set to 70).

Any ideas? Thank you,

Heidi Strangberg

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