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I agree with Carl, it would be good to find out exactly when SABA receives relevant values or when exactly it changes the status to “failed”. “failed” may come when the LMS receives “failed” or “completed” along with an insufficient score. I know moodle has a setting to automatically change the status to either “passed” or “failed” when it reveives a score without “completed”. But if it used to work, it may be v18 exclusive.

When max score = 100 and mastery score = 70, a user would fail if he achieves 60% in the test (if the course sends 60 to SABA and the systems turns this score into “failed”). You can try to uncheck “Include test score in overall score” in the test properties. Through this you can avoid to have AICC_Score updated with the test score automatically. Then you can / have to set AICC_Score manually with an action, e.g. on the “You’ve passed” page only.