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Jumping off from Tim’s solution is one that he, @mnoternman and I worked on some time ago that worked with Lectora Inspire – that said, Marcel, it looks like you may be using Lectora Online instead? Unfortunately, I’m not sure this solution would be usable in your case, but did work in Lectora 16:

Jump to and play audio issue

This solution covered jumping back and forth, pausing, playing, and automatically playing based on the user’s preferences (i.e. if they had selected auto-play with or without captions at the beginning of a course.

Of course, it may be miles easier with the addition of that function in 18.2, which I’ll have to test out myself, now that I’ve upgraded. In fact, we’ll see if I can archive that and more of my code library. I already know I can sunset my aria-live code and focus CSS customizations.

Also, hi all! It looks like I missed some tags from some ways back – I stopped receiving notifications of updates to my posts and instances where I was tagged. I may be checking in more often, now that I’m off video production and more on development again.

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