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In fact the fix for your counter was easy. The blocker and hotspot of your refrigerator/freezer differed in size. Thus never blocking it completely. I usually make sure i can see blockers and hotspots when setting things up. On the first page of the package i did it that way. Changing color and transparancy of your shapes for hotspots and blockers immediately showed the issue at hand. So fixing now was easy. I added a second page inwhich i set it back to transparant again…

2 other things i noticed in your title.. The background image of the kitchen was scaled in size, and actually stretched vertically. That last part i didnot change, but i exported the background again using TinyJPG/PNG as i describe here…

Image compression in and for Lectora

That lowered the size of your image from 1,092 Kb to 110 Kb.
That improves speed for your title big. Always make sure to compress images before using them in Lectora.

The other thing i noticed that except for the text, you dont get any visual indication of what you found. I added that to the second page of this sample for 2 elements, the pots and pans and the frig. This way you get a better visual clue of your findings…

Adding a package with the 2 pages and a PSD with the setup as used for the pots and pans.

Kind regards,