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I guess the answer may depend on what your setup is – how you are hosting the lesson, etc.  If using SCORM via an LMS, you could have the course report that info back to the LMS (Publish to SCORM option, “The published course will report Test/Survey Question Interaction to the LMS”  (I don’t personally use this, but sounds like a good option for you).

Question property has an option to ‘retain value between sessions’ (as well as test behavior to retain answers between sessions), so it should still save between sessions, but if marking the course complete in the LMS, I’m not sure if that will reset the course or not from the user end if launching the course again.

Another option is to use the Custom Results Submission for the test, and report the test results to a custom script or Google Drive.  I use the form reporting to Google drive to gather some user interaction data, and then take the data automatically from a Google sheet to Smartsheet, and it works well.

So I guess it really depends on your setup, and how you are wanting to access the information after-the-fact…