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@prg1792, I tried your work-around but it didn’t work for me. Perhaps I misunderstood Step 3. Can you clarify how exactly I should attach the js file to my title?

In response to this thread in general:

I really hope Trivantis reinstates the alt-text-as-hover-text in the next update. Or at least give us the ability to designate the title text as alt text so that it will show up in the hover text.

In a course originally developed in Lectora 17, I relied on the hover text as a keyboard-tabbable alternative to image button labels that appeared On Mouse Enter and disappeared On Mouse Exit (since these actions aren’t keyboard-accessible). The hover text alternative benefited sighted keyboard users who can’t use a mouse.

I’m in the process of making a few minor updates to the course. When I republished it in Lectora 18 (to use the HTML5-only option to ensure no Flash), the hover text disappeared.

While I certainly appreciate Trivantis’ efforts to improve compatibility with screen readers, please keep sighted keyboard users in mind as well.