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A number of options – others might have a more appealing one for your scenario or quicker – but one that’ll work:

  1. set a variable at the title level that changes based on the page the user is on  (e.g. Modify variable ‘VarCurrentPage’ to set equal to course variable ‘VAR(CurrentPageName)’.  This variable will now change to the name of each page as they navigate through.  remove inheritance on first page of course so it doesn’t change the variable when they get to the first page of the course.
  2. On the first page of the course, add an action that shows an object (like a shape that says ‘redirecting’ or anything you like that covers much of the page, and maybe blocks out the navigation).  The condition on that show action is if the variable you created (in this case ‘VarCurrentPage’ is equal to ‘0’ (zero), which is the original value of the variable.
  3. When that shape shows up, add individual actions for each page in the title.  go to “page 1”  if ‘VarCurrentPage’ equals “page 1”.  go to ‘page 2’ if ‘VarCurrentPage’ equals “page 2”. and so on.

I can create a quick .awt file with this in it if you need to see it in action – but maybe someone else has a better idea though as well.

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