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you can’t send the “point value” as a score. The point value can be used to give selected questions a higher weight in comparison to the other questions. If you give all questions a point value of 5, it’s the same as if all questions had a value of 1, i.e. all questions have the same weight. The score is always a percent value = achieved points of total points, e.g.

With a value of 1:

Q1: 1 (correct)
Q2: 1 (correct)
Q3: 0 (incorrect)
Q4: 1 (correct)
Total: 3 of 4 = 75%

With a value of 5:

Q1: 5 (correct)
Q2: 5 (correct)
Q3: 0 (incorrect)
Q4: 5 (correct)
Total: 15 of 20 = 75%

The point value only makes sense if you want to make certain questions more important for the score, e.g. Q2

Q1: 1 (correct)
Q2: 5 (correct)
Q3: 0 (incorrect)
Q4: 1 (correct)
Total: 7 of 8 = 87,5%

With this setup Q2 alone would make 62,5% of the score. If you answered it incorrectly the highest score you could achieve was 3 of 8 = 37,5 %

If you want to send points to the LMS you’ll have to count them yourself in a custom variable and save it to the suspend_data. If you sent the points as a score, they’ll be treated as a percent value: 4 x 5 = 20 which should be 100%, but the LMS will take it as 20%.