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Thanks, I would test this tomorrow!

We build scenarios/simulations and use to do that in our own tool thats now about 15 years old. We never understood why no one else did a tool like a flowchart like our… But we are to small to develop that and our own LMS (we produce e-learning and blended learning to..) But then we saw Branchtrack that had a flowchart like our..and a lot of things was nice, but its to simple. So now we decide to take the good parts from Lectora and ignore the bad one (still hope for flowchart) and our developer put a lot of energy to get out the data so we can measure everything like we use to. But everything did not work, for example we cant get the alternative-text out and we have to click on al alternatives once in the LMS to bee able to get our rapports right…AND all the alternatives in our simulations goes different ways. So its much easier to do that with no random =) And we always did the first tests like that before in our tool  to just to be sure that we had seen/test all the different parts.

When we test it without random when we know that it works properly.

A very long answer but you where curious 😉


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