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Which version of Lectora do you use?

Which scorm version do you publish to?

Which LMS is it?

Do you publish with Seamless Play?

The prompt is the way Scorm means the bookmarking to be done (every authoring tool I know does it very similar to Lectoras solution). I don’t believe you can skip creating that dialog box, unless you uncheck “Prompt the user to …”. Well, as long as you don’t want to edit the published files …

I still don’t understand why the users cannot be allowed to choose or why a user would try to break it on purpose. I never had or heard of any problems with the dialog box.

But as Lectora publishes HTML and allows to run custom javascript, it should be possible to build your own bookmarking sytem, save the bookmark to the dedicated LMS field and use it to direct the user to that value without questions.