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we are working on allowing authors to customize the resume course experience without scripting.

It would be great if we had a new reserved variable “Current_Page_Filename” (either “a001_chapter_1_page_1.html” or “page1234.html”). It would also be very helpful if the automatic bookmarking was done through actions instead of happening somewhere in the background:

On: Show
Action: Modify variable
Target: AICC_Lesson_Location
Value: VAR(Current_Page_Filename)

Then it would be very easy to disinherit bookmarking for certain pages, set it to “Empty” or change the bookmark value to a different target page.

It would definitely provide an easy solution for this question, without custom script or searching for the correct filename:

Last Page Viewed exception for assessment

… it would also be helpful when trying to navigate through custom javascript.


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