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so to clarify – if they exit the test the first time through you want them to automatically start back at the beginning, but if they are in the test the 2nd time, you want them to continue where they left off?

If so, then conceptually what I’m thinking based off using Tim’s suggestion – put a condition on the action of modifying the lesson status.

Start with creating a new variable when they click on the ‘grade assessment’ button (whatever that is for you).  on click, modify a new variable (calling it something like ‘var_test_complete’).  change the value from zero to 1 (or whatever you like to use).

then add your condition on that original action to modify the lesson status with condition that ‘var_test_complete’ equals zero.  That way that action won’t fire if they have graded the test at any time previous (make the variable to save between sessions)

I think that should work?