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I have a quest and just downloaded a trial of cenariovr.   I received some info from support about how to load a package.  How can I distribute this to many?  If I could make something to get into the oculus quest store, how would the licensing model affect this?    I don’t really understand the details of the licensing model listed on the Cenrai vr website.

Can please explain: (especially as it pertains to the Quest.)
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<div id=”w-node-aeca6ded734c-909308f5″ class=”pricing_rows_div row7 features”>
<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Built-In Analytics</div>
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<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Public Scenarios</div>
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<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Registered Viewers</div>
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<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Hosting</div>
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<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Publishing</div>
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<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Scenes</div>
<div id=”w-node-aeca6ded735e-909308f5″ class=”pricing_rows_div row1 features”>
<div class=”pricing_row_features”>Scenarios</div>
<div id=”w-node-aeca6ded7361-909308f5″ class=”pricing_row3_div features”>Share Scenarios</div>
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