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There are a few things here that might be helpful.

When you enter a scene, the currently set center of the scene is what is shown first, and anything you create will be automatically positioned in the center of your current view, so it will be there automatically.

You can always get back to the center of your view in a scene by clicking on the “Set Initial View” button on the thumbnail for the scene, selecting “Reset”, and then “Done”. Again, any objects created after that will be set in the center of your view.

If you have multiple objects that you want all on the same plane in front of the user, and want their respective sides to “line up”, try using a group. Grouping objects sets them on their own plane, so they can be lined up properly.

Finally, if you always want content in front of the user, and don’t want it to be on the sphere at all, set it to fixed. This displays the object on a flat plane that does not move out of the users field of view.

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