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If we wanted to have the JS automatically put the subject into the email…could we?

This is how I used to do it….Name@Email.com?SUBJECT=CourseCode or Course Name

I currently have my button with an action to Run JS and in the window, I’ve put: window.location.href = “mailto:NAME@email.com”;

The above works fine in ScormCloud, but if I try any variation to add the subject, I only see a white screen in ScormCloud.

Here are the variations I’ve tried:

  • window.location.href = “mailto:NAME@email.com”;?SUBJECT=CourseCode
  • window.location.href = “mailto:NAME@email.com”?SUBJECT=CourseCode
  • window.location.href = “mailto:NAME@email.com”;SUBJECT=CourseCode

I have my JS (I took a 1-day class in October) notes at home and I’m traveling, but have someone asking me about it now. Any help would be appreciated!!!