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You are right it affects all progress, or variable changes.

Lectora only tells the LMS SCORM Player to commit changes if certain values change, such as AICC_Lesson_Status or AICC_Score otherwise we were relying on an exit action being called, or we call commit on a page unload. However, some LMSs like Scorm Cloud don’t wait for content to commit their changes, they have their own algorithm of saving which is likely on a timed interval. For SCORM the saving of course data is the responsibility of the LMS. If you want to ensure data is saved at certain points, and your LMS saves data when the course calls commit, you can use the trick specified in this post.

Our exit action processing does a commit which may cause the LMS to do a synchronous call saving the data, this would be happening on a user action in the course, not on page unload. The page would then be closed by scripting after the data was saved, so the Chrome 80 behavior should not come into play.

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