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I’m not positive from your description exactly how you have it set up – if you shared the page it would be helpful.

If I was creating this from scratch, I’d probably have the actions on each box.  (have all the boxes initially hidden, with a button that shows box 1, or just have box 1 initially visible).  Then have an action on box 1 (On Show, Hide this object) with a delay set if you prefer.  On that same box 1 have another action (On Hide, Show box 2).

Then repeat these actions on the rest of the boxes:

  1. On Show, Hide this object (with a delay or a transition affect for the box)
  2. On Hide, Show box #

What is nice about this setup is that each action is tied directly to the previous action, keeping everything timed nicely.

Then same as Brian mentioned, make all these actions conditioned so that you can hide all the group of boxes with one action in your next action group, and modify the variable to something else so the actions don’t fire.  (and if you want it to start going again, have another action that changes the variable back to the original value, and 1 more action to show box 1.