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<span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>csmith3209 – I realize this was quite some time ago, but did you get answers re: hidden/shown/hidden text like you were doing with the single page solution and about feedback boxes?</span>

If you’re using v18, screen readers will now see and then read newly displayed text boxes. This was a huge improvement, as prior to 18, you needed to use CSS and JavaScript and the Change Contents action in Lectora for it to work properly. I had very strict guidelines I had to follow, so had a ton of help from the forum getting it to work properly.

In terms of feedback pop-ups, if you’re using the default feedback option (i.e. and alert box), the screen reader will see it. Otherwise, I THINK the same applies to custom feedback text blocks as any other text block – you need to program it to see the feedback text block.

If you ever want to test yourself, there’s a great free/donation based screen reader called NVDA – It’s what I regularly use to test my pages for things like reading order, object names, and pop-up/change contents text blocks. It’s very comparable to JAWS and used at nearly the same rate. It’s definitely worth checking out.