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There are several ways to assign content, but the easiest way is when you publish, you are shown a popup of your published packages. The tools icons on the right side of the list are how you manage the published packages.

If you publish content privately, that means that it will only be visible to anyone if it is assigned to them. The first icon in the tools for private content is the “Assign Users and Groups” icon. Clicking this will bring up the assignment dialog, where you can just check the users you want it to be assigned to. Once you assign content to a user, they will be sent an email notifying them of the assignment.

You can bring up that same published packages list at any time after publishing both on the dashboard and in the editor, and use those same steps to assign content to a user. If you have created groups of users, you can also assign the content to a group in this area.

Public content, that is a scenario that is published publicly, is visible to anyone on the internet with the link. It will not require a login to be viewed, and will be shown to all users of CenarioVR in the “Public Scenarios” tab.

Sharing of a scenario with another author in the Scenario settings popup is how you utilize collaborative authoring within CenarioVR. Selecting another author in your organization to share a scenario with will make that scenario visible in their “Shared Scenarios” tab. That author will then have edit privileges to the scenario. Note that only one person at a time will be able to have the scenario open for editing.

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