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When you publish with “Seamless play” the way through all the iframes is a little longer:


This worked with a Web Window and Seamless play, the code in the other post worked without Seamless play.

There’s a much better way to achieve it. Instead of making Captivate run a specific action, make it run an action group. Through this, you’re much more flexible with what happens when the Captivate output is finished. Then you can use normal Lectora actions to both set the variable and show the button. If you had to change one of them or both or add more actions, you wouldn’t have to edit the captivate file.

Put the two actions into a group on the main page. Make Captivate run:


This code worked both Seamless and not. Replace og1234 with the html name of the group.

I attached a sample with both solutions.

If this doesn’t work, I fear I can’t help because I don’t have too much experience with Captivate or the way its output is structured.

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