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In the folder where the course title lives, Lectora should have backed up the previous version file (.awt file to .awt16.2.2). You should be able to rename the .awt16.2.2 to .awt and open it with Lectora 16.

Here are the detail steps:

  • This assumes that you have both Lectora versions 16 and 18 installed in your computer.
  • Exit the Lectora 18 if it’s running.
  • From Windows Explorer, backup the entire title folder (make a copy of the folder — and/or — zip up the folder). This is the folder where the .awt file is. It may also have sub-folders such as: images, html, scorm, extern. (Note that if your Windows Explorer is configured to not show file extensions, you may not see .awt after the file name)
  • After backing up, you need to rename a couple of files. There should be a .awt and .awt16.2.2 files. For example if your title name is “MyTitle” then there should be MyTitle.awt and MyTitle.awt16.2.2.
  • Rename MyTitle.awt to MyTitle.awt.18 (since this is the Lectora 18 version file)
  • Rename MyTitle.awt.16.2.2 to MyTitle.awt (put back the Lectora 16 version)
  • Now, from Windows Start menu, launch Lectora 16. (this is necessary because just by double clicking the awt file will bring up Lectora 18)
  • Then Browse and open MyTitle.awt.