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Laura – The course will be delivered via a cloud-based LMS that we are just starting to use (Journey, through a company called Red Vector). In the same way as Darrel’s reply describes, contractors will be completing the course before showing up to work (it’s a precondition to their engagement here) and the completions will be tracked and reported weekly – so Person A can show up at one of several locations and do the work.

There are a few considerations for not trying to use the LMS in a more conventional manner (data in, reported data out). Mostly though, it’s externally hosted – and so while we can access reporting and so forth for employees (part of the agreement), it’s another matter to do so for contractors, many of whom may be only one-time engagements (and we don’t want to use our storage to keep their records longer than we need to). And we can’t have the contractors use our internal LMS (a Peoplesoft database) since they aren’t employees. Having a cloud-based externally hosted location makes a lot of sense in this situation.

Hope this helps to guide your thinking, Laura!

Darrel – Your solution is very much what we are wanting to use here. I’ll go back and give it a whirl (let’s just hope it’s not a frog in a blender…).