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Correct, Carl – and if the users were employees (or even longer-term contractors, which some of them may be), the management reporting link is precisely what we would want. In our corporate LMS, in fact, that’s one of the more (popular? well-known?) features: it generates a weekly/monthly/quarterly notification “naughty list” that is the bane of every leader’s reporting structure. But in this case, with the limited admin access (keeps too many cooks out of the kitchen) and the unknown contractor organizations (we only know the names of the assigned contractors and their respective employers: 6 from Company A, 12 from Company B, and so on), the asynchronous data collection is what we are wanting.
Additionally, the separate LMS can manage external logins much more easily than our internal system does, and in fact is under consideration for adoption by the enterprise. But I digress.
The module is now built and staged for loading to the LMS later this week by the admins – so we’ll know next week whether or not the frogs survived the blender.

Thanks again, y’all!