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Hey John,

No other phone to try, but I got in, in a strange way.

iPhone 11 Pro running iOS13.3.1:

  • Deleted CenarioVR App (and data)
  • Power-cycled phone
  • Installed CenarioVR from App Store
  • Launched CenarioVR
  • Entered Login e-mail and password…spinning circle for 2 seconds and nothing happened
  • Clicked Join
  • Scrolled down and clicked I already have an account login
  • Then I logged in with my e-mail and password and CenarioVR loaded the mobile version of the site inside of the app. So instead of Safari with the browser bar at the top displaying the website I just have a blue bar for the App with a back button that’ll return me to the main app login page.

Another attempt I made was to add a personal e-mail in the user management section and assign the scenario to myself that way. But once that account was confirmed I tried to login on the app and it said “Please wait” and the “deleting data from previous account” but then it goes back to the login screen. With this 2nd account I am able to get in with the Join>I already have an account path and it loads up like it’s in a mobile browser inside of the app but I can’t launch the scenario.