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I’m a new user and also have a list of features I’d like to see:

  • Asset management
    • Way to delete unused content imported images
    • Don’t allow duplicate filenames
    • Ability to trim audio and videos
    • SVG import
  • Scene objects
    • Drag handles that don’t all do the same object resizing
    • x,y,z, rotate values so can precisely position and rotate objects
    • Tool tip ability to position top, bottom, left and right (not just top)
    • Increase no of default icon image resources with ability to change colour
    • Addition of interface on/off panels e.g. so can have a close button that is inline with image object
    • Shadow on/off option
    • Embedding of YouTube videos
    • URL object type so can link to websites
    • Info cards that allow images and text
    • Audio text to speech object with male / female voices
    • Import of 3D objects
  • Scene
    • Progress indicator / play / pause for video scenes
    • Object navigator / finder (top corner circle with coloured dots for all objects in scene)
    • Translation of text, either automated after opening and choosing language or save as separate version
  • Prebuilt templates / samples