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Thank you Tim.  Here’s what I did:

1- Saved images for each tile of each dice.

2- Grouped the 6 images and called them Dice 1; same with the other 6 images and called them Dice 2

3- Created 2 variables and called them Dice 1 and Dice 2

4- On the Roll button I added actions to Modify the Variable of Dice 1 to set to Random (0,6), and then Change Content of the dice image to the side image if the dice variable is equal to 1, 2, etc.  For instance: Change Content, Target: Dice, Resource: Dice-side 1 If Dice_1 (the variable) is Equal to 1; and so on. (please see attachments).

So basically, I didn’t use calculations to roll the dice. I just enabled and disabled the questions buttons with the click on the Rolling button, and used the Move to action to move the dice while rolling.

Now, I want to do some math and enable only the question when the sum of the two dices’ sides is equal to the number of question.  For example, the two dices’ total is 6, then question 6 becomes active.

How do I do that?

Thank you