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Potentially related bug:

  • I published a relatively “large”scenario (2.3GB) and successfully loaded it to three Oculus Go’s using three different named user/viewer accounts.  It took quite some time to download, but the progress bar as active.
  • After downloading completed, I had to wake up the headset for Extraction process to begin. Extraction progress bar is inaccurate and slows to a painful crawl as it nears the 80% mark. Some unknown amount of time later, extraction finished and the scenario played fine.
  • While loading the fourth Oculus Go, however, Download progress was interrupted (I guess). I tried to restart the Download but there was no progress or indication that the download initiated.
  • I tried restarting the device, reinstalling the app, manually removing all Trivantis cache and temp files visible. No effect.
  • I restarted the Download once more (no progress), and decided to monitor my network which showed that the Oculus was infact downloading. I also confirmed that the temp .Zip file was progressively growing in the cache folder.
  • Once download was complete (as determined by monitoring the network activity), the Extraction process started as normal and the experience launched just fine.

Given that a restart and even re-install did not remedy this issue, I would regard this as a bug. I will try to replicate this on the next device I setup.

CenarioVR Feature Request:

Maybe this is already possible? Allow for manual download/extraction of a Zip file from the CenarioVR dashboard that can then be copied directly on to multiple devices for fast, efficient loading of large content packages. Each device would still need to be authenticated, launched and extracted, but it would significantly cut down on network load and wait time when batch loading 100 devices.

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