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Lectora Online uses its own media player and currently doesn’t support CC for YouTube videos.

As a workaround you can use HTML Extension object and embed the YouTube script which will use the YouTube player. This will have the CC button.

Steps to add HTML Extension for YouTube:

  • On youtube.com go to the video you want and click on Share link.
  • Then click Embed button and copy the script.
  • In Lectora Online, Insert HTML Extension.
  • In Properties tab, keep Type as Other and click Edit button.
  • Paste the script you copied from the youtube.com site.
  • Notice that there are “width” and “height” settings in the script. You can update these to change the video size.
  • Save and close. Note that HTML Extension does not work in Run Mode. So to preview you need to use either Page Preview or Publish then preview.