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Thank  you!

I’m not worried as much on the elements like other images put in for pop ups or arrows and such, but I was just using HDR JPG output from a Ricoh Theta Z1 and seeing a final file of 6720 x 3360 240dpi for the main scene background.

So if I take that down to 6720 x 3360 at 72 dpi… or more of a large setting on saving of the JPG vs Maximum, should that work?  Should I do that BEFORE initial upload?

Would the result look worse or about the same?

I guess I could go back and replace the scene background images and republish.

Just want to see if 6720 x 3360 72 dpi is a good target to use… anything smaller in aspect either?

Once I set that I will use it for all projects.

Thanks again!