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Tim – thanks – Yes, question variable values are retained. And it’s intriguing that a selection pool of 8 items would cause some type of “overflow” when a drag/drop selection pool (different question) of 12 items would not do that.

Are we seeing errors? MULTIPLE. And frankly it’s driving me nuts (ok, moreso than usual). The errors we’re seeing when testing in the LMS (a platform called Journey, from a vendor named Red Vector) are usually the one attached. Sometimes they are preceded by a window that drops open and warns that stack value limits are exceeded. The problem is that the errors are appearing only during quizzes (in this module, called knowledge checks).

Each of five sections has a 10-12 question quiz at the end, involving an array of t/f, multiple choice, multiple response, and drag/drop items. The errors do not appear in the first quiz, but as the user proceeds into the second quiz (after the second section) they start appearing more or less randomly. I’ve rebuilt the question items several times, validated that the question numbers and variables correspond correctly, and have just about stood on my head while publishing (no errors). But the errors continue to pop up. We’ve submitted a ticket to the vendor and asked for investigation on their side but so far there’s no response.