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I should have explained myself better.  So sorry.  I have a 24-hour course to build.  The customer normally teaches it in person over a 3-day period.  I’m guessing Lectora won’t handle one project that would have a 24-hour output.  It seems like it will be terribly large.

So my next thought is 3 classes 8 hours long each.  The longest class I’ve ever created is one-hour long.  Can Lectora handle 8 hours?  Again – seems awfully large.

The number of users that will be taking the class at one time will be about 20.  The logistics of this are stressing me a little.  I realize the number of users will be a server thing.  I own the server – so I can add more memory as needed.

Another question I have is – when a class is loaded – does the entire class load at one time on the student computer, or does each page load when the NEXT button is clicked?  This part would affect memory on the user end.  I can’t find any details on how the class will load.

Thank you for asking for clarification.