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Appreciate the clarification!

The first thought I have is that translating a standard instructor-led class to a self-paced online class may or may not have a 1:1 relationship. So a three-day, 8-hour-a-day course that results in attendees getting 24 hours of learning credit may very likely not follow the same patterns and “flow” when you take it into an online environment.

Whether Lectora (or any development tool) can manage an 8-hour class, however, is probably not the best way to approach your redesign. Think about all the time you (could) spend online – if you indeed spent 8 hours uninterrupted, you are probably doing a lot more than simply paging through a series of related screens.

What I hear you asking is, “What’s the best way to break this 24-hour instructor-led training course into smaller components? And is there a constraint on the output from Lectora that could impact how long each of those components should be?”

The second question (is there a constraint) is no – not to my (limited) knowledge, any way. Our company uses Lectora for training modules that range in length from 15 minutes to 3 hours (and probably longer). The available network bandwidth of the user at the time he or she views it is the primary factor that affects viewability and to a degree, the “viewing (or learning) time.” When a user is onsite and on the network, there’s rarely any issues with viewing it seamlessly and within the stated time. When a user is viewing it remotely over a VPN or through a home network of some sort (including hotspots), it can have more lagging or freezing than someone prefers, but that’s a consequence of the delivery network, not the tool used to create the module. So a 2-hour course for one user at the office may be done in 2 hours or slightly less; the same course taken offsite could take 2.5 hours.

But your real question concerns breaking the training apart and then building it in a meaningful way for online learning. My suggestion there would be to look at the entire 3-day agenda and create a high-level outline of the topics covered. (Maybe use the standard three-day agenda to do this.) Then start with the actual (terminal) objectives you have for the course, and match these up (I’d use a simple table to do this). Once you align the topics to the objectives, you should clearly see the relationship between what you want to accomplish and how it can be broken apart into “chunks.” Your “chunks” then become the independent modules that you can build using Lectora.

Hope this helps!

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