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Wow!  Thank you so much for the detailed reply!

Your paragraph – The second question (is there a constraint) is no – not to my (limited) knowledge, any way . . . is very informative.  That was a big worry of mine.  My plan is to have chapters and bookmarks so the student can return at their leisure.  If it takes them a week or two to complete the course – it should work.  I was worried about how many bites or chunks I needed to have this thing in.

And addressing the user end is very helpful indeed to let my client know how all this works.  I’ve done work for him before and he doesn’t listen very well to details – just wants it to work.

This particular class is a compliance industry-specific class.  Totally boring as all get out and the challenge on my end is to make dull interesting and still get approved by the state.  Dealing with a government entity is NOT my idea of fun.

Thank you so much for some really valuable information and I may be back to pick your brain.