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We’re OK with unscored course now by adding AICC_Score = 100 action before CMI_completion_status = completed. We have 2 more issues that we can’t resolve:

  1. A custom quiz with 2 sets of questions. If a student answers the question incorrectly, he or she would be given an alternative question (or the same question) after finishing all. The LMS would give the grade based on total questions in the quiz. So even if you get all questions correctly, you can only score 50 and fail the quiz. Is there a way for Lectora not to pass the questions not used to LMS or it’s something you can set with WorkDay Learning (WDL)? How can we make WDL report the quiz result correctly?
  2.  Passing grade: It seems WDL has its own internal passing grade of either 75% or 80% no matter what the passing grade set up in Lectora. e.g., you have 90 as passing in Lectora. The pass/fail status shows up correctly in course, but WDL considers the student passed if the student scored 80.

Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?

Thank you so much for the help.