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@carlfink try using the button that says code that seems to work okay.

The webkit media controls pseudo element doesn’t seem to hide the controls for full screen video on iPhone. It doesn’t for me anyway. I’ve added two other styles to help, one hides the time rail (seek scrubber) and another hides the display fullscreen button.

Insert an HTML Extension object at the title level of type Cascading Style Sheet and add the following:

video::-webkit-media-controls {
  display:none !important;
.mejs-time-rail { display : none!important }

.mejs-fullscreen-button { display : none!important }

** Sorry I just went back and re-read your entire post, sorry I’m really not adding anything new here. Sounds like you had already though about, and do not want to, hide the full screen button. All our test iOS devices are at the office. I’ll write this up in an enhancement we have coming to better control the video player.

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