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Math is being very kind, he is way more experienced than I. That said, I would try Moodle first. Its free and you wont need to dive into scripting. With php or a combo of php and js you could communicate directly between a lectora lesson and a sql database as Mr. Blackmon (There’s your expert) mentioned in this thread.

I’m pretty sure the actual MySQL (not the lite version or other versions) requires installation on a server. There may be work-arounds but that is not my area of expertise.

There are other methods as well. You could even be able to write to and read from a simple text file using php and node.js. There are a ton of tutorials online for this.

Unless you are comfortable with servers, js and php, I definitely would go the Moodle route. Perhaps if Tim or John are listening they will chime in.

With everything going on now, elearning has exploded so time to create a tutorial like this is scarce (I’d have to go over a lot of this myself first as well.)