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If you don’t need to tie the modules together for any “programming” reasons (like making something that happens in one module dependent on something that happened in another one), then you’re better off keeping them separate. I used to like building multi-module e-courses (although never with anywhere near as many as 11 modules!), but, these days especially, user preference seems to be for things that at least appear shorter/smaller, so keeping the modules separate seems to make people feel better (even though I think it can take more time to take multiple modules when they’re separate than when you can go from one to another without having to go out and find and load the next course).

But 11 modules would be too many to bundle together anyway (for the reasons I already mentioned, plus the file size issue you brought up), so I think separate would definitely be the way to go in your case, for sure!

(One more benefit to keeping them separate is that, were something to happen that caused the file to become corrupted, or otherwise screwed up, for some reason, better to have that happen to just one module and not the whole course!)

Hope this helps!

Laura (aka “Tecocat”)



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