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Thank you for your response.

Removing “Var” from the AICC_Lesson_Status fixed that problem. No more alerts and Scorm Cloud reflects my setting it to completed. You stated a couple of times that I “shouldn’t have to” do it that way (using js) and that I should just use the Lectora built in stuff. Writing and editing code in javascript is my preference as long as it works – less objects that one has to add to the Lectora flow chart (or whatever you all call it).

You did not answer my first question however, on whether or not I can use AICC_Core_Lesson to store what I want to store. Again, you said that I “should use” another method but did you not come out and say that I cannot use it. I’ve seen documentation that says that I can. But it doesn’t work so far.

Concerning your suggestion that I store whatever I want in Lectora user defined variables and make sure they are checked “save between sessions” and Lectora will “save them for me” in the LMS. I just tested that.

It appears to save my variable but where is it saving it to? I checked the LMS data on Scorm Cloud and I cannot find my variable info there. Is it saving this data via cookies? If so what if the user has cookies disabled?

Thank you.