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I am warned by CenarioVR that iDevices can’t play high-resolution 360 video.

In my opinion, this should not prevent me from using good quality videos entirely! The app knows perfectly well it’s on an iDevice, by definition–it’s an iOS/iPadOS app! Why can’t we upload two versions of the video, the Apple mobile version and the good one, and let only the Apple devices use the lower-res edition? Obviously the two would have to be frame-for-frame identical, but that’s the developer’s problem, not yours.

As it currently is, I will have to create two entire scenarios that are identical except that one uses lower-resolution video. Then what, we assign both to everyone, since we don’t know what device they will use?

And if I do a Lectora course that includes HTML5 content from CenarioVR, how will that work? I believe these would be playing in a browser on the Apple device, meaning what–can the iDevices play high-res video through a browser? If not, then we have to have two separate courses, one for Apple users? Or have the Lectora course detect the device and branch, which requires the course to contain both 360 videos?

One could, of course, use low-quality video for everything, but then it will look absolutely terrible to users who have Oculus Go headsets or the equivalent. In the exactly one test I have done so far, it even looks terrible on a big, high resolution  monitor.

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