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I was using the term “proxy” loosely. SCORM does support the idea of launching a SCORM-compliant course hosted outside the LMS/LMCS, and accepting SCORM messages back from that external server indicating completion and score (and other things, of course).

We do this with several vendors of training, for instance Smith System. They host the eLearning, our LMS manages the curriculum, records completion and launches Smith’s player. I don’t know how it’s handled behind the scenes, I haven’t dug deeply into the SCORM API.

Yup, xAPI/cmi5 would be great. If our LMS supported it. Our LMS vendor only fixed SCORM 1.2 support in 2019. In fact, their support for AICC is buggy. Great idea, won’t apply to me any time soon.


May I say, I appreciate your quick, clear and courteous answers to this flood of questions from me? Because I do.