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Kolien, I quickly thew this together to show that the concept will work. If you want to try it you can either open the awt and try it in any Lectora preview browser or run the index.html with Microsoft Edge only. It will work on all browsers but it must be hosted on a server; for security reasons having JavaScript access iFrames locally is not permitted and will throw an error.

Briefly, what I did. I built a separate web page that contains only a stand-alone version of MediaElement.js, the video player Lectora – and a lot of top websites, use.  I took your video and added a marker at seven seconds, the approximate time your first question appears.  When the marker is reached a callback function is fired off triggering a Lectora action group. The action group shows an initially hidden multiple guess question, your first question. Upon answering it the feedback runs a script that fires off one of two Lectora action groups depending on whether the answer was correct or incorrect. Each group consists of three Lectora actions. 1. display feedback about the result in a display window. 2. Hide the question just answered and 3. Instruct the video to continue.

I only did the first question and I didn’t even attempt to make it visually appealing, just work.

I’m not sure how comfortable you are with JS. The most difficult part doing things like this is figuring out how to access the content in the web window (it’s an iframe in regular web programming) and communicate back and forth. I hadn’t done this in Lectora in a while and I rushed it to get it out so it could be much more elegant I’m sure ;-).

I did this first and foremost to see if it will help you out. If you think this is an option you might want to explore, I will try to make time to write out a step-by-step tutorial time permitting. There are a few other peeps in this forum who can run circles around my capabilities (TIM, MATH, SERGEY, JOHN B just to name a few) who hopefully see this and make it better.

I also did this for eLearning Brothers to see. They now own this application and I really, really think this is a function (pardon the pun) that should return. Yes, I said “return” because back in V12, (or was it 14?) Inspire had a very similar capability built-in. When Trivantis switched to the MediaElement.js player (A very good move in my opinion) they lost that ability, most likely because at the time no one had written the marker plugin. Well, its been available for a few years now so folks, “What are you waiting for?” Let’s get this into the next update of Inspire! If that’s not enough ‘Inspire’-ation then consider this – Storyline 3 has had it for a long time…

Stay healthy everyone.

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