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A brand new iPhone XR running 13.4.1 gives me the Black Void of Death in the CenarioVR app, and in Lectora. I can’t upgrade to the new version, this device is managed and our IT department usually spends several weeks checking new iOS releases before pushing them out to our corporate devices.

However, after a restart, I can open the scenario on the iPad!

And it’s totally unusable! I’m attaching a video showing what it looks like. I was holding the iPad as still as physically possible for the first 90 seconds or so, then I put it in the stand. (I’m using an Otterbox case, which doubles as a stand.) Even motionless it had some weird jitter and remained stubbornly upside-down. Dragging with my fingers had no effect.

I figured out the problem with editing your posts. If you last edited a posting in the “Text” (really shortcode) mode, then the WordPress app (or whatever it is) you’re using doesn’t let you edit a previous post. If you switch to Visual and post, then you can retroactively edit other posts you have made. This is … odd. Why would my choosing a specific editor mode disable editing other posts?

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