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Brian, just to make sure I didn’t mis-communicate. Lectora uses a built-in version of the actual mediaElement.js player. I believe the built-in version only has a limited amount of the capabilities of the full  mediaELement.js library (I have never delved too deep into the built-in versions API because it’s split into multiple minimized libraries and what I have customized was more of a fight than just adding my own) but for most simple applications it works perfectly.

Because Lectora uses the mediaelement.js, anything that Lectora can do a stand-alone version can do, and more. The difference is how you access those features. When you use your own version of the player it is not as straight forward as selecting an action from the built-in actions as those are for the Lectora version of the player only. To access all the different things you can do with your own added player you use JavaScript through the run JavaScript actions. It requires a little JavaScript knowledge, understanding how to use an API and communication between an iFrame and parent window. I apologize if I made it sound as easy as pointing to a video file and using the built-in actions.

If this is something that interests you and you want to pursue it further feel free to reach out. I will try to help as best I can, time permitting.

Stay well.