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By the way, interface things: if you add a 3D model to the scenario, the resulting pseudo-dialog has a “Drag files here or click to upload” area, with an up-arrow. The up-arrow is not an active area, clicking it does nothing. You’re supposed to click above the arrow in the blank area, which I find quite unintuitive.

Also, the drop area/upload seemingly only accepts graphics files? Oddly enough the (real, system) dialog for uploading says you’re uploading a “Custom”. One suspects your developer created a custom list of file types and didn’t change its name. 🙂

I haven’t tested, but as a reasonably experienced 3D developer and longtime UX guy, I don’t know why I would drop/upload a JPEG file in that area. Does it replace the clownfish I added to the scenario? Become a texture? Seriously, there’s no way to know what happens when you drop a file there, and a user doesn’t know why that field exists.

EDIT: after posting that, I realized that there is no way to upload my own 3D models. I hope you plan to change that, because it really limits the usage of this feature. For instance, I might want to upload a model of my company’s equipment to allow the learning to study it. Can’t do it in this version.

ANOTHER EDIT: may I suggest that in the left-side panel showing all assets in the scenario, you add an option to the, um, Option Menu for each: “Turn to see”? I placed an object in my scenario and I have no idea where I put it, and I have to frantically scrub all over the place looking for it.

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