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It’s not your fault, and you’re not going crazy. Your LMS didn’t update for Chrome 80. Here’s the notice we got from our (now former) LMS, CSOD, back in December.
Google will release Chrome 80 on February 4, 2020. With this release, Google is making significant changes to Chrome’s Window Close behavior that will impact how online courses communicate a user’s exit and completion status to our learning platform. NOTE: There is no impact to other browsers, i.e. Firefox, Safari etc.

The impact on you
Online courses use a browser’s Window Close behavior to communicate a user’s progress and completion. With the February 4 updates, Chrome is changing this behavior which will change how this information needs to be sent to our system.

What we’re doing to help
In response to these changes, Cornerstone is updating our SCORM player to ensure that SCORM courses continue to communicate user status correctly to our system. Since AICC and xAPI courses are not hosted with Cornerstone, these providers must update their courseware to ensure that user status is updated correctly. We are also advising all Cornerstone partners to review their courseware and make the updates Google recommends. ​
We are also working directly with our content providers to ensure there is no impact to content that is part of these subscriptions. Though we are working directly with our providers, it is up to them to make the fix on their end so there may be issues with Chrome playback until all providers have been able to make the necessary changes.

Next Steps (recommended)
• Clients with AICC and xAPI content should reach out to their content providers to discuss how they are preparing for this change.
• If possible, delay upgrading to Chrome 80 until you have confirmed that all third-party content providers are ready.

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