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More wishlisting:

  • Can objects be given numeric coordinates (in radians?) and thus located precisely? You’d have to change the Properties and Actions to allow numeric entry.
  • Can Trivantis/eLearning Brothers maybe license a library of 360 stock? That’s a true “wish” item.
  • I have only had the trial version for a few weeks. May I suggest that all the CVR apps periodically check for scenarios that haven’t been used for (say) 60 days, and offer to delete them to free up space, reminding the user that they can be downloaded again if desired?
  • Very minor thing: it struck me funny that your icons (in the Media Library) include an iPhone, many computers and tablets … and no VR goggles or headsets.
  • Please allow me to swap the 360 content of each scene. At this point, if I decide to downsample a video, or fix up an existing one to hide confidential content, my only option is to start over from scratch–there’s no way to keep all the events, objects, media items, etc. I could copy them to a new scene but the targets of all actions would be lost (and events can’t be copied). It would be great to go to the settings for the scene and click “Replace 360 content” and just select the new version. Even if I had to fiddle timing and/or placement a little, it would be a huge timesaver.