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Hi Monica @mspencer-2813

I manually inserted the code into a course I published with the Lectora v19 Beta. I’ll add this disclaimer: since I did not publish using the official v19 application, I cannot say with 100% confidence that my results reflect that tool.

That said, I can see that the code is still correctly taking the alt value (for images) and the aria-label value (for buttons) and setting the title attribute, which is visible on mouse-over. I looked in IE 11, Chrome, and Firefox using the Developer Tools F12 option for each and see that this change has been made.

I am able to see a “tooltip” when moving the mouse over a button or image in all three of these browsers.

But, I only saw the “tooltip” on keyboard focus using IE 11. Chrome and Firefox do not display the tooltip on keyboard focus.

Looking online, I see that the lack of support for displaying the title attribute on keyboard focus is listed as bug for Chromium, with no resolution: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=829352

And another site explains why this makes the title attribute unreliable: https://developer.yoast.com/blog/dont-rely-title-attribute/

So, I’m guessing that what you are experiencing is not related to Lectora v19, but the browser. Could you confirm if you see the tooltips in IE 11 or Edge?