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Commenting to share my frustration that Trivantis hasn’t addressed this. The solution shouldn’t be “make your own custom images” or “create your own CSS”. The Lectora 18 version I’m currently using bloats a published course with dozens of text blurry PNG buttons, (not to mention the duplication of every button instance of the same (or identical) source item).

If most of these can be fixed with CSS why is Trivantis generating PNGs in the first place, I can’t really see a need for a feature that takes a non-image based item and needlessly renders an image for it. Displaying items that can be generated (like buttons) without images is pretty much the go-to for web for more than a decade. Can you imaging if this Trivantis Community Forum was built with Lectora18? …each list text item under your name would be 4 separate image states/images of blurry selections (Activity, Profile Notifications etc.).

This is creating issues for accessibility too, where heavy customization can cause an inconsistent user experience for those with accessibility devices, not to mention the overall clarity of the text.

We shouldn’t be discouraged from using the tools inherent build features.

Hopefully rendered image buttons will disappear in an update soon.