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Prior to 2010 it was possible to use :visited to access user browser history and even enough information to guess at a persons identity, however browsers now limit the information that can be gleaned from nefariously using CSS styles (with JS and PHP) by limiting what can be styled and reported back to a server. Guess what, everything you need to have visited styled links/buttons (color, background-color, outline-color, border-color and more) has been available for ten years plus now.

Again, as great as it is this program needs serious retooling as it is getting long in the tooth. Why isn’t css grid being used? Why not use CSS buttons without the weight of graphics? Why not output industry web standard html5? Why are actions so limited? Take a look at the actions that Toolbook provided back in 2012 before it was bought by Skillsoft to be killed; to this day it still blows Inspire’s action capability out of the water and that’s natively without adding external JavaScript. Just look at what what you could easily manipulate.

eLearning Brothers has a fantastic opportunity to do what StoneCalibre didn’t, listen to your users and add the things that have been requested for years, fix the issues that have plagued users for years and finally, use and output standard HTML5.