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That’s tricky with the Actions system. It would be easy in code, but Actions have no way to handle a list of numbers.

You can use the question variables (see https://www.trivantis.com/blog/lectora-basics-question-variables/) and a series of Conditions on the goto action to reject going to an already-answered question, but I don’t off the top of my head see an obvious way to trigger the action again. (It would be trivial to pop up a message saying, “Please roll again.” It would also be clunky and frustrating for the user.)

What is missing is the ability to have an Action trigger itself again if it gets an invalid result.


EDIT: if you are comfortable with even very basic JavaScript (which is all I personally know) you could have the button trigger a script rather easily–that’s a supported Action type. That script could set a variable, and could read the Question variables and make sure the result is limited to un-answered questions.

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